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GL Gold Laced
Garlic clove Some people suggest putting a garlic clove in the chicken's water to prevent internal parasites.
Gizzard The organ in the chicken that grinds up the whole grains and food a chicken eats.
It has thick muscular walls and a tough lining. It crushes and grinds foods by muscular action and with pebbles or grit.
Grain American term meaning any small, hard seeds, especially grass-family seeds (called corn in the UK)
Grit Angular, hard crushed rock, preferably from granite.
Seashells and bone are not a substitute for grit.
Grit should be offered several times a month at least; it should be of the right size for the age of the bird.
Birds allowed to free range find their own grit; they do not need to be offered grit.
Grower Feed A blend of feed for chicks and growing birds, usually in the form of mash.
If you do not have chick starter feed, you can feed them for a day or two on instant oatmeal, flaked infant cereal, or other whole-grain cereals.
You can put whole grains (rice, wheat, barley, old-fashioned oats, anything) into the blender and blend them slightly.

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