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EDS Egg Drop Syndrome
EE Equine Encephalitis
Earlobes The fleshy patch of bare skin below the ears varying in size and shape with the color red, white, blue, or purple, according to the breed.
Egg Bound When an egg cannot pass from the bird. This can occur when birds become too inbred.
Egg Drop Syndrome An infectious disease of laying hens caused by a hemagglutinating adenovirus and characterised by thin shelled and shell less eggs in otherwise healthy birds.
Egg Tooth A horny spot on the chicks upper beak that assists when he pips through the shell.
Egg white The white of an egg, consisting of outer thin, firm, inner thin, and chalaziferous layers.
Albumen accounts for most of an egg's liquid weight, about 67%. It contains more than half the egg's total protein, niacin, riboflavin, chlorine, magnesium, potassium, sodium and sulfur.
Embryo The developing chick within the egg.
Equine Encephalitis A contagious disease of birds, mammals, horses, and people caused by a virus.
Eyes They should be bright with that all important spark of life. Eyes that appear small or sunken can be a sign of dehydration.
If there is any sign around the eyes and nostrils of water discharge the bird could have respiratory problems such as Mycoplasma.

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