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DIS Death In Shell
DLM Deep Litter Method
DO Day Old
Debeak The process of removing part of the upper portion of the chicks beak to stop cannibalism.
Derris Dust A natural insecticide which can be used on poultry.
Dorkings Silver_Grey_Dorkings Dark_Dorkings
Double Yoked Egg This is due to liberation or two ova from the ovary at the same time or that the one ovum may be dropped into the body cavity or picked up by the mouth of the oviduct at the same time.
The other ovum was liberated from the ovary or one ovum being liberated from the ovary a day ahead of time and being arrested in its progress through the oviduct and 2nd one caught up.
Droppings Chicken manure. Faecal condition can be revealing as far as general health is concerned. Droppings should be predominantly dark-coloured with a white cap and a generally firm consistency.
Any blood can indicate the presence of coccidioses, as can a runny consistency or an unnaturally green colour. Diarrhoea can also be caused by worms.
Dual-purpose Breeds Breeds that offer both good egg laying capabilities and good table qualities.
Dubbing To remove or trim down the comb, wattles and ear lobes, usually done on Game Roosters when showing.
This is a controversial subject which, like tail or ear docking on dogs, arouses passionate debates from both sides of the argument.
Dubbing is a practice with its roots set in the cock-figthing era.
Legally in the UK, if birds are to be dubbed it must be done when they are no older than 72 hours. After this time limit, a vet can carry out this procedure for genuine, welfare-related reasons (frost bite, injury, etc.)
Dust baths Provide somewhere for your hens to have dust baths. A deep tray filled with dry riddled soil is adequate.
Do not use sand because this is sharp and can hurt their eyes and irritate their skin.

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