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Married Couple's Allowance This allowance reduces the amount of income tax that couples who are married or who are civil partners have to pay.
The amount you get depends on your ages and when you got married or formed your civil partnership.
Minimum Income Guarantee (MIG) From October 2003 Minimum Income Guarantee was replaced by Pension Credit.
Money purchase scheme Where the size of the member's pension is not decided by the rules of the scheme.
The size of the member's pension will be affected by how much money is put into the pension fund for the member, how much the pension fund has grown, and what annuity rate is available when the member retires.
Moving to the UK from overseas If you have just migrated to the UK, there are special rules that may apply to you when you claim entitlements such as State Pension or Pension Credit.
Museums and galleries If you are aged 60 or over, you can now enjoy free access to most national museums and galleries.

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