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Inference New knowledge inferred from existing facts.
Inference engine Software that provides the reasoning mechanism in an expert system. In a rule based expert system, typically implements forward chaining and backward chaining strategies.
Infrastructure The organisational artifacts needed to perform testing, consisting of test environments, test tools, office environment and procedures.
Inheritance The ability of a class to pass on characteristics and data to its decendants.
Input A variable (whether stored within a component or outside it) which is read by the component
Input Domain The set of all possible inputs
Input Value An instance of an input
Integration testing Testing performed to expose faults in the interfaces and in the interaction between integrated components.
Intelligent Agent Software that is given a particular mission, carries out that mission, and then reports back to the user.
Interface testing Integration testing where the interfaces between system components are tested.
Isolation testing Component testing of individual components in isolation from surrounding components, with surrounding components being simulated by stubs.
Item The individual element to be tested. There usually is one test object and many test items.

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