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Error A human action producing an incorrect result
Error Guessing A test case design tecnique where the experience of the tester is used to postulate which faults might occur and to design tests specifically to expose them
Evaluation report A document produced at the end of the test process summarizing all testing activities and results. It also contains an evaluation of the test process and lessons learned.
Executable statement A statement which, when compiled, is translated into object code, which will be executed procedurally when the program is running and may perform an action on program data.
Exhaustive testing The last executable statement within a component.
Exit point The last executable statement within a component.
Expected outcome The behaviour predicted by the specification of an object under specified conditions.
Expert system A domain specific knowledge base combined with an inference engine that processes knowledge encoded in the knowledge base to respond to a user's request for advice.
Expertise Specialized domain knowledge, skills, tricks, shortcuts and rules-of-thumb that provide an ability to rapidly and effectively solve problems in the problem domain.

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