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Medical Terms and Glossary

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Valium If possessed without a prescription or supplied illegally, classified as Class C Drug.
Relieves anxiety and tension. Calms users and slows them down. High doses can make users drowsy and forgetful. Dangerous mixed with alcohol or other drugs.
Regular use can damage short term memory and reduce energy. Almost all tranquillisers are addictive. Withdrawal symptoms include depression, insomnia and panic attacks.
Vitamin K Possession is not controlled by misuse of drugs legislation, but sale or supply is illegal under the Medicines Act.
Can cause problems with vision, loss of coordination, and frightening hallucinations that require assistance and reassurance from others.
It is particularly dangerous if used in combination with depressants such as alcohol or heroin. It can make some mental health problems worse.
Prolonged use can cause disorientation and detachment from reality but the long-term effects are not well understood.

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