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Nexus Class A Drug
The drug can cause hallucinations similar to that of LSD. Taking 2CB can induce panic attacks.
Regular use may lead to feelings of anxiety, disorientation and extreme tiredness.
Users may become prone to depression and in some cases individuals may experience psychotic syndromes, visual illusions and depersonalisation.
Nicotine In the Uk it is illegal for retailers to sell tobacco to anyone under 16.
Nicotine addiction can develop quite rapidly and regular smokers often feel anxious and irritable if unable to smoke. Smoking can restrict growth in young people.
Other chemicals in tobacco cause lung cancer and stomach diseases, heart disease, circulation problems, wrinkled skin and premature ageing.
Nitrazepam If possessed without a prescription or supplied illegally, classified as Class C Drug.
Relieves anxiety and tension. Calms users and slows them down. High doses can make users drowsy and forgetful. Dangerous mixed with alcohol or other drugs.
Regular use can damage short term memory and reduce energy. Almost all tranquillisers are addictive. Withdrawal symptoms include depression, insomnia and panic attacks.

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