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Hangover Symptoms after drinking large amounts of alcohol.
Most people get hangover symptoms after drinking large quantities of alcohol, even those who are not generally considered to be heavy drinkers.
It may be dangerous to drive or operate heavy machinery whilst hungover, even if your blood alcohol level is under the legal limit.
The maximum blood alcohol level permitted by law when driving is 80mg per 100ml of blood, but it is safer to avoid alcohol at all if you intend to drive within the next 24 hours.
Hash All Cannabis, including Oil, Resin and Grass are Class C Drug.
Impairs ability to concentrate and conduct complex tasks. Can lead to tiredness and lack of motivation.
Regular heavy use can lead to development or worsening of mental health problems including paranoia.
Smoked with tobacco, it increases health risks associated with tobacco use and can lead to nicotine addiction. Very heavy use can lead to withdrawal symptoms.
Heroin Class A Drug.
There is a real risk of drug overdose, possibly leading to coma or death, particularly when mixed with other drugs.
Heroin is highly addictive and larger and more frequent doses may be needed to feel ‘normal’. Injecting can damage veins; sharing needles can spread hepatitis and HIV.

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