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X Note: There are currently no ITIL terms for the letter X
Did You Know: Based upon tried and tested methods and processes that have been around for many years, ITIL guidelines and best practices have become part of the IT scenery, raising the topic at board level across organisations.
Training statistics are a good indicator of the level of commitment to ITIL.
The main pitfalls that emerge appear to be lack of appropriate commitment to the implementation of ITIL and lack of planning.
Make sure you define what your objectives are, what the scope of your implementation will be, who will own the processes elements and how you intend to measure progress.
In addition to this, a lack of internal skills and experience can also delay or impact any implementation.
There are skills and experience for hire and it pays to seek professional advice where possible.
According to well over half of those who have implemented ITIL, the biggest challenge they have to face is the cultural change, whilst a third pointed the finger at the process mapping stage.

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