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RACI Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed.
A Model used to help define Roles and Responsibilities.
RCA Root Cause Analysis
An Activity that identifies the Root Cause of an Incident or Problem.
RFC Request for Change
A formal proposal for a Change to be made. An RFC includes details of the proposed Change, and may be recorded on paper or electronically.
ROI Return on Investment
A measurement of the expected benefit of an investment. In the simplest sense it is the net profit of an investment divided by the net worth of the assets invested.
RPO Recovery Point Objective
The maximum amount of data that may be lost when Service is Restored after an interruption. Recovery Point Objective is expressed as a length of time before the Failure.
RTO Recovery Time Objective
The maximum time allowed for recovery of an IT Service following an interruption.
Release Management Storage and protection of management-authorised software in both centralised and distributed systems; The Definitive Software Library; Release of software and/or hardware into the live environment;
Distribution of software; Implementation (bringing into service) of software and/or hardware; Client-server and Internet issues.
Risk Management The Process responsible for identifying, assessing and controlling Risks.

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