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KEDB Known Error Database
A database containing all Known Error Records. This database is created by Problem Management and used by Incident and Problem Management.
The Known Error Database is part of the Service Knowledge Management System.
KPI Key Performance Indicator
A Metric that is used to help manage a Process, IT Service or Activity.
Many Metrics may be measured, but only the most important of these are defined as KPIs and used to actively manage and report on the Process, IT Service or Activity.
KPIs should be selected to ensure that Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Cost Effectiveness are all managed.
Kano Model A Model developed by Noriaki Kano that is used to help understand Customer preferences.
The Kano Model considers Attributes of an IT Service grouped into areas such as Basic Factors, Excitement Factors, Performance Factors etc.
Kepner & Tregoe Analysis A structured approach to Problem solving.
The Problem is analysed in terms of what, where, when and extent. Possible causes are identified. The most probable cause is tested. The true cause is verified.
Knowledge Knowledge refers to what one knows and understands.
Knowledge Base A logical database containing the data used by the Service Knowledge Management System.
A knowledge base typically incorporates definitions of attributes and rules along with control information.
Knowledge Management The Process responsible for gathering, analysing, storing and sharing knowledge and information within an Organisation.
The primary purpose of Knowledge Management is to improve Efficiency by reducing the need to rediscover knowledge.

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