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ECAB Emergency Change Advisory Board
A sub-set of the Change Advisory Board who make decisions about high impact Emergency Changes.
Membership of the ECAB may be decided at the time a meeting is called, and depends on the nature of the Emergency Change.
Exception Report A Document containing details of one or more KPIs or other important targets that have exceeded defined Thresholds.
Expanded Incident Lifecycle Detailed stages in the Lifecycle of an Incident. The stages are Detection, Diagnosis, Repair, Recovery, Restoration.
The Expanded Incident Lifecycle is used to help understand all contributions to the Impact of Incidents and to Plan how these could be controlled or reduced.
eSCM-CL eSourcing Capability Model for Client Organizations
A framework to help Organisations guide their analysis and decisions on Service Sourcing Models and Strategies.
eSCM-SP eSourcing Capability Model for Service Providers
A framework to help IT Service Providers develop their IT Service Management Capabilities from a Service Sourcing perspective.

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