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DHS Definitive Hardware Store
DIKW Data-to-Information-to-Knowledge-to-Wisdom
A way of understanding the relationships between data, information, knowledge, and wisdom. DIKW shows how each of these builds on the others.
DML Definitive Media Library
One or more locations in which the definitive and approved versions of all software Configuration Items are securely stored.
The DML may also contain associated CIs such as licenses and documentation.
DSL Definitive Software Library
Dashboard A graphical representation of overall IT Service Performance and Availability. Dashboard images may be updated in real-time, and can also be included in management reports and web pages
Demand Management Activities that understand and influence Customer demand for Services and the provision of Capacity to meet these demands.
Deming Cycle A four stage cycle for Process management, attributed to Edward Deming.
PLAN: Design or revise Processes that support the IT Services.
DO: Implement the Plan and manage the Processes.
CHECK: Measure the Processes and IT Services, compare with Objectives and produce reports
ACT: Plan and implement Changes to improve the Processes.
Design Service Design provides guidance on the design of new or changed services for introduction into the live environment.
Differential Charging A technique used to support Demand Management by charging different amounts for the same IT Service Function at different times.
Directory Service An Application that manages information about IT Infrastructure available on a network, and corresponding User access Rights.

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