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VAT Value Added Tax. The current UK VAT rate is 17.5%.
Individuals with disabilities, who are buying products that have been designed solely for people with disabilities, can apply for VAT relief.
This does not apply to organisations buying software or equipment for general use.
Charities who are buying products designed for disabled people can, in certain circumstances, also apply for VAT relief.
Visual Perceptual Distortion Visual perceptual distortion should be suspected in children who have trouble learning to read, particularly if they report headaches and eye-strain from prolonged exposure to the page.
If the child reports any illusory movement of the letters or words, or glare from the white paper, then treatment with coloured overlays or filters should be considered.
Voice Recognition Speech recognition software can be of great benefit for people who have difficulty producing written work whether though dyslexia or other disabilities such as RSI.
With a little training it is possible to produce written work faster than typing, without any of the typographical errors and spelling mistakes with typing.
Speech recognition software has been available for some years now and had gained a reputation for being difficult to train and use.
However, over the last few years there have been significant improvements in the amount of training needed, overall recognition accuracy and ease of use of the software.
You can realistically expect to achieve 96-98% accuracy after training.
Speech Recognition uses a lot of processing power, so needs a modern, fast computer with a lot of memory.
Voice Recorder Use it to make notes and record lectures as well as for dictation on the move.
Voice recorders can be used with Speech Recognition software.

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