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TAX relief Value Added Tax. The current UK VAT rate is 17.5%.
Individuals with disabilities, who are buying products that have been designed solely for people with disabilities, can apply for VAT relief.
This does not apply to organisations buying software or equipment for general use.
Charities who are buying products designed for disabled people can, in certain circumstances, also apply for VAT relief.
Text-to-speech This software enables computer users with reading or dyslexia-related difficulties to have practically any on-screen text read aloud.
All controlled through a mouse this software will read out text underneath the mouse or read aloud key strokes or typed words.
Time Problems Delay in learning to tell time.
Tree Diagrams Graphical organisation mapping can help with dyslexia.
Pictures and diagrams help those who prefer a visual working environment.
Ideas do not have to be formed into sentences immediately.
Easy to re-arrange ideas into a coherent structure.
Maps can be developed using your individual thinking or learning style.
Visual representation helps to highlight where information is plentiful and where it is lacking.
Of course all these factors can benefit non-dyslexic learners as much.
Typing Training A variety of typing tutoring software is available which is dyslexic-friendly.

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