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PDA Personal Digital Assistants. PDAs allow you to view and edit data whilst away from your computer.
PDAs are small pocket size devices which can be used for a variety of things.
A useful purpose is a Dictionary / Thesaurus - ideal for anyone who needs to write on the go.
There are two main operating systems for PDAs. Windows Pocket PC and the Palm operating system.
Palm runs faster and the battery will last longer. Some people prefer the familiar look of Windows Pocket PC as in many respects it looks like a Windows PC.
Phobias and Related Disorders Fears of the dark, heights, getting lost, going to school.
Fear or the avoidance of various balance, coordination, sports, and motion-related activities.
Mood disturbances.
Obsessions and compulsions.
Psychological Assessment Schools may have a special needs co-ordinator (SENCo).
Parents who are concerned about their child's literacy difficulties, should first approach the school. The school may arrange for the child to be assessed by a SENCo or by an educational psychologist.
Parents may also arrange an independent assessment with a Chartered Psychologist.
Psychosomatics Difficulties with headaches, nausea, dizziness, vomiting, motion sickness, abdominal complaints, excessive sweating, and bed-wetting.

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