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Inflexible Tutoring Methods This style of tutoring is very prescriptive. It does not allow for differing levels of initial knowledge or disabilities of a student.
Inflexible tutoring takes no account of learning preferences.
It adopts a strongly directing teaching style and makes no provision for other instructional approaches.
It is unlikely to modify the interaction with a student as a result of his responses. It will be quite unaware of any particular learning difficulties that a student is encountering.
The mechanisms employed to assess the success of the tutoring session are crude as is the remediation (e.g. go back and do it again).
Intelligent CBT Modern Computer Based Training (CBT) tools require:-
Responsiveness to individual's state of knowledge or learning preferences.
Flexibility in the delivery of training materials.
Adaptability to student capabilities.
Irlen Syndrome Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, also known as Meares-Irlen Syndrome or Irlen Syndrome, is a broadly defined visual perceptual disorder affecting primarily reading and writing based activities.
Because of this, it is sometimes categorised as a form of dyslexia. The syndrome is one in which reading is impeded by distortions of print.
Sufferers are given acetate overlays of different colours to establish one preferable overlay colour for them. The overlays help stabilise the distorted text.

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