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Hyperactivity ADD can arise from a particular set of dyslexic symptoms. Attention Deficit Disorder with or without Hyperactivity is often recognized by the following symptoms:-
Impaired concentration, distractibility, impulsivity
Overactivity/hyperactivity/underactivity and variations
Procrastination, disorganization, boredom
People with Attention Deficit Disorder are seen as being unable to maintain their attention on a task for long periods and are easily distracted. Because of this they appear to be disruptive and difficult to control.
The adult/child is prone to being disorientated by sound, two dimensional images, such as the written word, and it often effects their balance and movement, which is why they often move/fidget a great deal.
Often it is found that the ADD child does not start to develop the ability to concentrate adequately until they are around the age of 9 years old, some what later than other "normal" children of similar mental abilities.
Such children are very aware of their environment and have a high level of curiosity.
Because of this it is difficult for them to concentrate on a single "task" or element in their environment, after all there are so many other things around that also interest them!

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