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BMW 3.0 CSL This car came a long way before BMW was a force on the world stage.
BMW M1 The 24-valve, six-cylinder engine was an early version of the M5's unit and gave the car a top speed of 162 mph.
BMW M5 Over the years this car has grown fat and complicated.
BMW Z1 Drop-down doors make the Z1 different. This car has been described as the greatest technological solution to a problem that does not exist.
BMW Z4 3.0i Max speed mph: 155
0-60 mph/sec: 5.9
Power hp: 231
CC's: 2,979
Cylinders: 6
Revs per minute: 5,900
BMW Z8 Max speed mph: 155
0-60 mph/sec: 4.7
Power hp: 400
CC's: 4,941
Cylinders: 8
Revs per minute: 6,600
Bentley Azure Max speed mph: 150
0-60 mph/sec: 6,7
Power hp: 388
CC's: 6,750
Cylinders: 8
Revs per minute: 4,000
Bugatti EB 16.4 Veyron Max speed mph: 252
0-60 mph/sec: 3.2
Power hp: 1,001
CC's: 7,993
Cylinders: 16
Revs per minute: 6,000
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