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AC Cobra Mark III Max speed mph: 165
Power hp: 390
0-60 mph/sec: 4.2
This is the British way.
Alpha Romeo Alfa Sud This was a cool car during the 1950s.
Alpha Romeo GTV6 Max speed mph: 125
0-60 mph/sec: 8.4
Power hp: 154
CC's: 1,970
Cylinders: 4
Sounds perfect - music to my ears!
Aston Martin DB5 Max speed mph: 141
0-60 mph/sec: 8.1
Power hp: 282
CC's: 3,995
How many: 886 (Volante 123)
When: 1963-1965
Looks great with Sean Connery as Bond in Goldfinger.
Aston Martin DB7 Engine: Jaguar 3.2 Litre Straight-six
It will get round most corners without crashing.
Aston Martin Vanquish Max speed mph: 190
0-60 mph/sec: 5.6
Power hp: 460
CC's: 5,935
Cylinders: 12
Revs per minute: 6,500
Aston Martin Vantage Max speed mph: 185
0-60 mph/sec: 4.6
Power hp: 550
CC's: 5,340
Engine: V8
MPG: 13
The dash is fashioned from real wood.
Audi A3 tdi S-line DSG Luxury car - drives itself.
Audi A8 Max speed mph: 155
0-60 mph/sec: 7.3
Power hp: 300
CC's: 4,172
Engine: V8
Audi quattro 20V Grippy four-wheel drive system.
Cylinders: 5
Power hp: 220 (20 valve, 2.2 litre engine)
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