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Varyag Monument, Lendalfoot The Varyag is a Russian Cruiser.
On 27 January 1904 fifteen Japanese battleships surrounded the first class cruiser ‘Varyag’ and the ‘Koreyet’ gunboat at the Korean port of Chemulpo. Being heavily outnumbered the ships sustained serious damage.
When it became clear that continued resistance was impossible, the Russian seamen scuttled the ships and were taken aboard by foreign vessels stationed nearby. They were received at home in Russia as heroes.
In 1905, the Varyag was recovered by the Japanese and repaired. It served with the Imperial Japanese Navy as the cruiser Soya. In 1916, the cruiser was returned to Russia and given its old name back.
In 1917, the Varyag was sent to Britain to undergo repairs, but was forgotten after the October Revolution and the Civil War hit Russia.
In 1920, the ship was sold to Germany as a hulk and enroute to Germany it ran aground just off the coast at Lendalfoot.
In 2006 a tablet in memory of the ‘Varyag’ was placed at Lendalfoot. In 2007 a monument was created. A three metre high sculpted bronze cross that portrays images of the warship.
Village Hall, Alloway The Hall was built in 1849 as the local primary school and functioned as such until 1896. At this time the property was purchased by George Coats, Lord Glentanar.

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