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WAI Accessibility is a significant issue for a growing user population and includes not only those born disabled, but those who have experienced incapacitation through accident, illness, or aging.
The Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) develops strategies, guidelines, and resources to help make the Web accessible to people with disabilities.
Web Service References Web service references in Application Builder are based on the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP).
You can create a reference to a Web service and then incorporate it into an application to process data submitted by a form, or to render output in the form or report.
Web Services Process Implements a Web Service as a process on a page. Running the process submits a request to the service provider.
Wizards APEX provides several wizards that generate fully functional application components saving a lot of time over building them manually.
By using a wizard you do not sacrifice control or flexibility. Even though components and controls are generated for you, they can always be edited to modify the way they look or behave.
The form on a table wizard provides a fully functional form capable of handling inserts, updates and deletes, and also provides lost update detection through optimistic locking.
The quick application wizard generates a complete data entry reporting and analysis application on a single database table.
Wizards can generate a series of pages complete with form fields, controls and page flow to navigate from page to page using Next and Previous buttons.
Workspaces In APEX, a workspace allows one or more developers to develop applications, on database objects in one or more schemas.
As a rule workspaces should be organized such that they contain applications that are related to each other. I.e., applications developed by a common group of developers operating on a common set of data and schemas.

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