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Oracle Application Express

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Tablespace A database storage unit that groups related logical structures together.
Tabs A visual indent for categorising and displaying computer graphics and text.
Tabs are an effective way to navigate between pages of an application. Application Builder includes two different types of tabs: standard tabs and parent tabs.
An application having only one level of tabs uses a standard tab set. A standard tab set is associated with a specific page. You can use standard tabs to link users to other pages within your application.
A parent tab set functions as a container to hold a group of standard tabs. Parent tabs give users another level of navigation as well as context (or sense of place) within the application.
Template Preview A display mechanism for verifying templates.
Template Subscriptions Template subscriptions are references to master templates defined in a central place. A good practice is to define a reference application that contains master copies of templates.
Other applications can then subscribe their templates to these master copies. Each time an update is made to a master template, changes can be pushed down to templates that subscribe to it.
Templates Templates control the look and feel of the pages in your application. As you create your application, you specify templates for pages, regions, reports, lists, labels, menus, buttons, and popup list of values.
Groups of templates are organized into named collections called themes.
Text Field A text field is used to allow users of the application to input text information. Non-editable text boxes can serve the purpose of displaying text.
Theme A theme is a named collection of templates that defines the application user interface.
Each theme contains templates for every type of application component and page control, including individual pages, regions, reports, lists, labels, menus, buttons, and list of values.
Translate Application You can develop applications in Oracle Application Express that can run concurrently in different languages.
A single Oracle database and Oracle Application Express instance can support an application in multiple languages. Translating an application involves multiple steps.
Trees A tree is an effective way to communicate hierarchical or multiple level data.
Trigger A trigger is a special form of stored procedure that goes into effect when you insert, delete, or update a specified table or column. You can use triggers to enforce referential integrity.
tnsnames.ora file A configuration file that contains net service names mapped to connect descriptors. This file is used for the local naming method.

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