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Oracle Application Express

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Redo log files Files that contain a record of all changes made to data in the database buffer cache. If an instance failure occurs, then an administrator can use the redo log files to recover the modified data that was in memory.
Referenced Components The Referenced Components page lists page components and shared components associated with the current page.
Region A region is a area on a page that serves as a container for content. Each page can have any number of regions. You control the appearance of a region through a specific region template.
Regions can group page controls (e.g., items or buttons). You can also create simple regions that do not generate additional HTML, or create elaborate regions that frame content within HTML tables or images.
Regular Expression Regular expressions provide a method to describe text patterns.
RuleWorks RuleWorks is a rules-based application development tool providing the convenience of cross-platform development combined with one of the most powerful high level rules-based languages and fastest inference engine.
RuleWorks can be used with APEX to create Expert System applications.

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