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Oracle Application Express

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LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. A standard, extensible directory access protocol.
LOB Large Object.
LOV A list of values (LOV) is a static or dynamic definition used to display a specific type of page item, such as a radio group, check box, or select list.
LOVs can be static (that is, based on a set of predefined display and return values) or dynamic (based on SQL queries that select values from tables).
Once created, a LOV can then be referenced by one or more page items. You define LOVs at the application level by running the LOV Wizard and adding them to the List of Values repository.
Language The Application Primary Language identifies the language in which an application is developed. This language is the base language from which all translations are made.
The database language setting also determines how the date is displayed and how certain information is sorted.
Listener A process that resides on the server and whose responsibility is to listen for incoming client connection requests and manage the traffic to the server.
Lists A list is a collection of links that is rendered using a template. For each list entry, you specify display text, a target URL, and other attributes that control when and how the list entry displays.
You control the display of the list and the appearance of all list entries by linking the list to a template.
Locator Links Breadcrumbs (also called locator links) appear at the top of every page within the Oracle Database XE browser-based user interface.
Each breadcrumb entry indicates where the current page is relative to other pages within the user interface. You can use breadcrumbs to instantly link to a previous page.
Logging Determines whether or not user activity is recorded in the Oracle Application Express activity log.
When set to Yes, every page view will be logged, allowing an administrator to monitor user activity for each application. Disabling logging may be advisable for high volume applications.
Logo Attribute to identify an image to be used as the logo for this APEX application.

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