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Oracle Application Express

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Identifier (ID) This uniquely identifies an occurrence of an entity. Identifiers relate to primary keys and unique indexes.
Image Prefix Determines the virtual path the Web server uses to point to the images directory distributed with Application Builder. During installation, the virtual path is configured as /i/.
When embedding an image in static text (for example, in page or region headers or footers) you can reference an image using the substitution string #IMAGE_PREFIX#.
Inference engine Software that provides the reasoning mechanism in an expert system. In a rule based expert system, typically implements forward chaining and backward chaining strategies.
Inheritance The act of receiving (property or characteristics) from an ancestor.
In RuleWorks, the relationship between a class and its parent class. Classes inherit membership, attributes, and default values for attributes.
Interoperability The ability of two or more systems or components to exchange information and to use the information that has been exchanged.
Items Items are HTML form elements such as text fields, select lists, and check boxes with an associated session state. Item attributes affect the display and behavior of items on a page.
For example, these attributes can impact where a label displays, how large an item will be, and whether or not the item will display next to, or below the previous item.
There are two categories of items: page items and application items. Page items are placed on a page and have associated user interface properties, such as Display As, Label, and Label Template.
Application items are not associated with a page and therefore have no user interface properties. An application item can be used as a global variable.

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