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Oracle Application Express

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Global Notifications You can use the Global Notifications attribute to communicate system status to application users.
For example, you can use this attribute to notify users of scheduled downtime, or communicate other messages regarding application availability.
If the page templates used in your application contain the #GLOBAL_NOTIFICATION# substitution string, the text entered here will display in that string's place.
Globalization Attributes In Application Builder you can develop applications that can run concurrently in different languages. A single application can be translated to support different languages.
Use the attributes on the Edit Globalization Attributes page to specify globalization options such as the primary application language.
Grid Computing A computing architecture that provides computing resources using many computers acting as one virtual computing resource.
Group Identify the page group you would like to associate with a page. Page groups do not affect functionality, but help developers manage the pages within an application.
The Groups page displays all pages that are part of the same page group as the current page. Click a page ID to edit the page group. Click a page name to view the page definition.

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