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FGAC To restrict access to rows within a table based on the user that is querying it, use Fine Grained Access Control (FGAC).
Fine Grained Access Control, sometimes called Virtual Private Database (VPD), is a mechanism to restrict access to rows within tables or views based on policies.
These policies modify the predicate or WHERE clause of a query based on the application context. The application context allows you to determine who initiated the query, at what time and from what application.
Based on these facts, a WHERE clause can be constructed such that only appropriate and allowed data is returned to the user. Using FGAC, security policies need only be defined once on a database object.
Every application accessing the underlying database object simply inherits the access control restrictions from the database. There is no need to re-implement the same security in the application.
Foreign Key A foreign key (FK) is a field or group of fields in a database record that points to a key field or group of fields forming a key of another database record in some (usually different) table.

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