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Oracle Application Express

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EGA The Enterprise Grid Alliance is a consortium of leading vendors and customers focused on developing Enterprise Grid solutions.
Exact Substitutions Select whether or not only exact substitutions will be supported. For optimal run-time performance, it is recommended you use exact substitutions.
Exact substitutions use the following sytnax: &ITEM.
Non-exact substitutions use the following sytnax: &ITEM
Exists (Condition) Exists (SQL query returns at least one row) is expressed as a SQL query. If the query returns at least one row, then the condition evaluates as true.
Expert System A domain specific knowledge base combined with an inference engine that processes knowledge encoded in the knowledge base to respond to a user's request for advice.
APEX can be combined with RuleWorks to create Expert System applications.
Export Page Use the Export page to export the current page. Remember that some pages may reference shared components. To export all pages within an application, you need to complete an application export.

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