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Oracle Application Express

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DAD A database access descriptor (DAD) is a set of values that specify how an application connects to an Oracle database to fulfill an HTTP request.
DBA Database administrator. The person responsible for creating, installing, configuring, and maintaining Oracle Databases.
DCOM Distributed Component Object Model. An extension of COM that enables objects to interact with other objects across a network.
DDL Database Definition Language
DES Data Encryption Standard. A commonly used symmetric key encryption method that uses a 56-bit key.
DML Data Manipulation Language. The category of SQL statements that query and update database data. Common DML statements are SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE.
DMZ Demilitarized Zone. A set of computers that is isolated from the Internet by a firewall on one side, and from a company's intranet by a firewall on the other side.
Data Dictionary A database about data and database structures. A catalog of all data elements, containing their names, structures, and information about their usage. A central location for metadata.
Data Manipulation process Data Manipulation process types are frequently used by wizards to support data manipulation language (DML) actions. Application Builder supports the following declarative data manipulation processes:
- Select Automatic Row Fetch and Automatic Row Processing (DML) to create an automatic data manipulation language (DML) process.
- Use Multi Row Update and Multi Row Delete in conjunction with tabular forms.
- Use Add Rows to Tabular Form in conjunction with a tabular form.
Data Mining A class of analytical applications that search for patterns in a data base. Data mining is the process of sifting through large amounts of data to produce data content relationships.
Database Schema Use Parsing Schema to specify the database scheme for the current application.
Once defined, all SQL and PL/SQL commands issued by the application will be performed with the rights and privileges of the defined database schema.
Declarative Logic There are many places where Oracle Application Express provides an opportunity for a developer to construct custom logic. For example in conditions applied to rendering or processing, or in validations on form input.
To increase developer productivity, but also to optimize performance, many pre-defined condition types and validations exist.
E.g., to validate user input as numeric, you can write your own PL/SQL logic to implement a validation. Choosing the pre-built “Item is numeric” validation type takes less time and results in better performance.
Oracle Application Express is a highly productive declarative tool that doesn’t sacrifice the flexibility for developers to have precise control over the behavior, style and layout of the application.
Demonstration Application Application Builder includes a number of demonstration applications you can install. Use these applications to learn more about the different types of functionality.
Duplicate Submission Use the Allow duplicate page submissions list to specify whether or not users may process a page multiple times in a row.
Set this attribute to No to prevent duplicate page submissions from being processed multiple times.
Examples of duplicate page submissions include: A user clicks the Submit button multiple times. You create a branch of type Branch to Page, and the user clicks the browser reload button.

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