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BCM Business Continuity Management
Bind Variables Bind variables are place holders in SQL or PL/SQL to which values are assigned during execution.
During execution of a query, the database will first look in cache to see if it has already been run and if a version of it can be reused. To make queries as reusable as possible, you should use bind variables.
Blades A computing system that includes processors and memory on a single board, but where other resources such as power, cooling, network access, and storage services are shared.
Branches Branches enable you to create logic controls that determine how the user navigates through the application.
A branch is an instruction to go to a specific page, procedure, or URL. For example, you can branch from page 1 to page 2 after page 1 is submitted.
You create a new branch by running the Create Page Branch Wizard and specifying Branch Point and Branch Type. Like other controls, branches can be made conditional.
To create a conditional branch, make a selection from the Condition Type list, and enter text in the expression fields to implement the condition type you choose.
Breadcrumbs Breadcrumbs (also called locator links) appear at the top of every page within the Oracle Database XE browser-based user interface.
Each breadcrumb entry indicates where the current page is relative to other pages within the user interface. You can use breadcrumbs to instantly link to a previous page.
Browser A user interface supporting navigation of objects with a connecting structure.
Build Options Most application attributes have a build option attribute. Do not specify a build option unless you plan to exclude that object from specific installations. Two possible values: INCLUDE and EXCLUDE.
Business Intelligence The information derived from monitoring key performance indicators, used to detect trends, identify warning signals, and provide a factual basis for critical business decisions.
Button utton is small disc- or knob-shaped object used on web-pages to trigger a task or function.

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