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Seal A seal can mean a wax seal bearing an impressed figure, or an embossed figure in paper, with the purpose of authenticating a document.
Second Cousins Two individuals who share the same great-grandparents but are not siblings or first cousins are called Second Cousins to each other because second cousins are the grandchildren of your grandparent`s siblings.
Sibling A sibling is a brother or sister; that is, one who shares the same parents.
Signet rings Signet rings, generally bearing a coat of arms, are made by intaglio engraving, either in metal or gems.
The wearing of signet rings is a longstanding tradition among nobles in European and some other cultures.
Slater's index of Ireland Slaters's directory goes through the towns of Ireland alphabetically.
It lists a detailed description of the town or city, post office information and shows the names of nobility and gentry living in or close to the town.
The traders of each town are arranged according to their trade. Slater's directory contains some additional information over Pigot's Directory.
Stepfamily Traditionally, a stepfamily is the family one acquires when a parent enters a new marriage, whether the parent was widowed or divorced.
Story Description of a sequence of events usually containing a plot or purpose and one or more leading characters.

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