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Parental testing A paternity test is conducted to prove paternity, that is, whether a man is the biological father of another individual.
Patriarchy Patriarchy is the structuring of society on the basis of family units, where fathers have primary responsibility for the welfare of, hence authority over, their families.
Patronymic A patronym, is a component of a personal name based on the name of the father.
Pax vobiscum Peace be with you (Saying)
Pigot's directory A series of lists of names, occupations and addresses were extracted from a microfiche of Pigot's 1830 Directory of Gloucestershire, by Ted WILDY of Auckland, New Zealand between October 1993 and January 1994.
Polygamy Polygamy can be defined as any form of marriage in which a person has more than one spouse.
Polymer A polymer is a large molecule (macromolecule) composed of repeating structural units connected by covalent chemical bonds.
Post proelia praemia After the battles come the rewards (Phrase)

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