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Maiden Name A maiden name is a term used in some cultures where a woman changes her family name as a result of marriage.
The maiden name is the family name she had prior to the marriage ceremony, while the married name is the name she uses from the date of the marriage ceremony. This is common in Western culture.
Matriarchy Matriarchy is a term, which is applied to gynocentric form of society, in which the leading role is by the female and especially by the mothers of a community.
Matronym A component of a name based on the name of the mother is a matronym.
Monogamy Monogamy is the custom or condition of having only one mate in a relationship, thus forming a couple.
Mors ultima linea rerum est Death is everything's final limit (Saying)
Mother tongue The language a human being learns from birth. A person's first language is a basis for sociolinguistic identity.
One can have two or more native languages, thus being a native bilingual or indeed multilingual.

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