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Agnus Dei Lamb of God (Latin Phrase)
Ancestor An ancestor is a parent or (recursively) the parent of an ancestor.
Two individuals have a genetic relationship if one is the ancestor of the other, or if they share a common ancestor.
In evolutionary theory, species who share an evolutionary ancestor are said to be of common descent.
Armorial bearings A coat of arms or armorial bearings, in European tradition, is a design belonging to a particular person (or group of people) and used by them in a wide variety of ways.
They were once used by knights to identify them apart from enemy soldiers. Unlike seals and emblems, coats of arms have a formal description that is expressed as a blazon.
Arterial language The language a human being learns from birth. A person's first language is a basis for sociolinguistic identity.
One can have two or more native languages, thus being a native bilingual or indeed multilingual.

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