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Poultry Stock
Poultry Type
Cock Quantity
Hen Quantity
Purchase Cost £ per Bird
Average Egg Laying Quantity per Bird/Year
Productive Lifespan of Hens Years
Housing Costs
Hen House Cost £
Feeder Equipment Cost £
Drinker Equipment Cost £
Incubator/Heat Lamp £
Other Equipment Cost £
Lifespan of all Equipment Years
Annual Maintenance £ per Year
Feeding Cost
Feed Cost £ per Bag
Feed Bag Size Kg
Supplement Feed Cost £ per Year
Welfare Products £ per Year
Consumables - Other Cost
Cleaning Products £ per Year
Bedding Products £ per Year
Vermin Control £ per Year
Books/Subscriptions £ per Year
Vet Cost £ per Year
Electricity/Water £ per Year
Transport/Fuel £ per Year
Return Value
Comparable Egg Shop Price £ per Egg
Quantity of Eggs Sold per Year
Egg Sale Price £ per Egg
Quantity Hatching Eggs Sold per Year
Hatching Egg Sale Price £ per Egg
Quantity of Birds Sold per Year
Average Bird Sale Price £ per Bird
Poultry Manure Value £ per Year

Poultry ROI Calculator

Any hobby can cost something. However, you have the knowledge that your birds are kept in good conditions and their eggs are nutritionally better and taste great.

This poultry ROI calculator does not include your labour costs.

ROI = Return On Investment

Enter details on the left and click the Calculate button.


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