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Lotus Elise S2 Fuses - Toyota Engine

Main Fusebox

The main fusebox is located in the front services compartment, on the passenger side, and is protected by a clear plastic cover. For access, remove the passenger side front body access panel, followed by the radiator air deflector panel.

Twenty two slots are provided for 'little' type fuses which are numbered, and coloured according to their amperage rating, and may be pulled out from their slots using the fuse extractor tool provided on the fusebox lid.

Slot Raiting Circuit
1 20A Aux. power socket
2 2A non USA:alarm siren USA:reverse lamps
3 20A driver window
4 20A Passange window
5 7.5A non USA:Reverse lamps USA:Stoplamps
6 7.5A Turn indicators
7 10A Ignition services
8 7.5A Battery services
9 10A Hazard lamps
10 7.5A Horn
11 10A Alarm & Interior lamp
12 10A ABS
13 3A ECU ignition
14 20A Radiator fans 1 fast & 2 slow
15 7.5A Radio, switch pack module
16 10A non USA:Rear fog USA:Sidelamps
17 10A Dip beam LH
18 10A Dip beam RH
19 20A A.C comp relay & rad fan 2 fast
20 15A Main beam LH
21 15A Main beam RH
22 7.5 CDL

Overhead View of the fusebox

Toyota Elise S2 Interior Fuses & Relays

The wash/wipe module, turn/hazard flasher relay, horn relay and a relay for inertia switch activation of the central door locking, are mounted on the scuttle beam above the passenger footwell, with four fuses secured to the harness in that area.

A 60A Maxi fuse protecting the ABS circuit is located beneath the passenger side fascia top, adjacent to the positive post. A multi-function relay unit containing the engine control relay, fuel pump relay and starter relay is mounted in the engine bay near the ECU. A similar relay unit is mounted in the front services compartment alongside the fusebox, and operates the a.c. compressor and radiator fans.

Interior fuses Important

Note: Although the two modules are identical in appearance, their function is different and they must not be transposed.

The A.C. relay module A117M0038F has a brown label marked YWB100800.

The engine relay module A111E6024F has a white label marked YWB100970.

Slot Raiting Circuit
C1 20A Interior fan
C2 15A Wiper motor
C3 7.5A Audio key-in
C4 10A A.C. compressor

Toyota Elise S2 Engine Fuses

Fuses and relays associated with the engine management system are contained in two 4-position fuse holders located at the front of the engine bay on the cabin bulkhead, adjacent to the engine ECM. To access the fuses, unclip rear edge of the cover.

Engine Fuses

Slot Raiting Circuit
R1 20A Fuel pump
R2 3A Immobiliser
R3 5A Alternator sense
R4 5A ECU battery feed
R5 5A O2 heaters
R7 10A Injectors, ignition coils
R8 5A Re-circ. pump

Note: For dashboard light hold the button trip button on the right of the steering column

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