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BMW Z3 - WhiteWhite VauxallCar Cost Calculators

In all calculators you can specify measurements in Miles, Kilometeres, Litres or Gallons.

The following conversion rates are used:

  • Imperial Gallons (UK) 1 MPG = 0.354 Km/L and 1 Gallon = 4.546 Litre
  • US Liquid Gallons 1 MPG = 0.425 Km/L and 1 Gallon = 3.785 Litre
  • 1 Mile = 1.609 Kilometre

What is the Fuel Cost of a single Car Journey?

Use this calculator to find out the fuel and parking cost of a journey by car.

What is the Annual Running Cost of my Car?

Use this calculator to estimate the total running cost of a car per year.

How much to charge for Passengers for a car sharing trip?

Use this calculator to share the cost of a car journey with your passengers.

What Cost More - Car Travel Reimbursement or Car Rental?

Use this calculator to compare the cost of renting a car to the cost of an employee claiming reimbursement rates for use of their own car.

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