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Dangers of Social networking

Social media really means social networks. The use of social networks has exploded. The term ‘social’ implies ‘not related to work’, but this is a fallacy.

With the worldwide popularity of websites such as Facebook and Twitter businesses are at risk from information theft, espionage and wasted working hours.

Described as the ‘next big internet threat’ by some security experts, social networking sites, and their seemingly harmless content, can cause severe problems to both individuals and businesses when not taken seriously.

Both business owners and employees need to be aware of the threat to their privacy and business efficiency posed by these types of websites.

With millions of internet users’ unknowingly divulging private passwords for personal or work related information to the rest of the world through social networking sites.

Viruses and spyware are growing threats associated with social networking sites, with scams that depend on user interaction rising dramatically.

Companies with no clear policy on how the internet should be used by staff can face serious problems associated with information leaks as well as losing money due to the increasing amount of time employees spend on non-work related websites.

There are risks in the use of social networks - all risks need to be managed. Be as reactive to social network risks as quickly as the media evolves.

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