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Wellington School, Ayr

South Ayrshire Council runs most schools in Ayr, with the exception of Wellington School, which is privately run.

Founded in 1836 by the wife of an Ayr schoolmaster, the original school was situated in the Wellington Square, hence the name, and provided education for twelve young ladies. The school moved to the Ayr seafront location in 1923.

The school consists of three impressive turreted B Listed buildings, which are situated in a unique seafront location within a quiet residential part of the town of Ayr. The Senior Department is housed between Carleton Turrets and Craigweil House and the Nursery, Infant and Primary stages are accommodated within Drumley House.

Wellington School view in Ayr
Image of Wellington School in Ayr


Ayr - Private Schooling

Private schools emerged due to the demand and price of schooling. Initially the council discouraged private schools, desiring the income from the school not to enter into private hands. However, by 1764 the Council encouraged such schools to keep up with demand for schooling and educational reform.

Private schools were originally the only avenue to formal education for girls as originally the Latin or Grammar schools were not considered appropriate for them: ‘ it is not seemlie that sic lasses should be in the grammar school amang the lads’.

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