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Turnberry Airfield, South Ayrshire

Turnberry Airfield opened in 1917. It housed several units dedicated to teaching the art of aerial gunnery and fighting. However soon after it closed the large field made it a logical choice for an A.A Landing ground during the 1930s. During World War 2 reconstruction began in 1941 by Wimpey who built a full WW2 aerodrome designed for training. The airfield closed in november 1945. The living sites were used to house the P.O.W`s in 1945 /46. Beginning in the early 1950s the aerodrome and its sites were returned to the public and the living sites were largely cleared in the 1950s.

Turnberry Airfield was constructed right on the coast almost on a headland, the site being overlooked by hills to the east. Three runways were laid the main one being parallel to the hills. Lack of space meant the other two were relatively short, their approaches being either over the sea or down low over the hills.

The main runway (North/East to South/West) was 04/22 of 6,250 feet behind which the tech site nestled against the hills. The two subsidiaries were 00/18 North to South) of 4,500 feet and 09/27 (East to West) of 3,900 feet the layout of the limited the number of hard standings. The bomb dump was sited on the hills overlooking the airfield and the living sites around the village of Maidens to the North/East, a number of local properties were also requisitioned.

All that remains of the Turnberry training airfield is a few buildings and one of the three runways.

Turnberry Airstrip
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