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Wind Direction Indicator At Corton, Ayr Hospital

South East AyrSouth East Ayr - The Future of Ayr

Outline planning permission was granted in 2009 to develop approximately 180 hectares of predominantly agricultural land and woodland to the South East of Ayr.

The site comprises the lands of Corton, Cockhill/Glenparks and Alton and is bounded by the public road network of the A77, the A713 (Ayr/Dalmellington Road) and the local Corton Road. There will be various upgrades to the roads infrastructure for access to the new development.

The plan indicates a mix of uses including residential, business, retail, education, hotel, leisure, health and associated infrastructure including access, open space and landscaping works. Key items are:

  • 2,700 new homes
  • 10 ha Business Park
  • 4 ha retail area
  • Primary school with children’s nursery and community facilities

The plan excludes the adjacent land covering the National Health Service interests at Ayr and Ailsa Hospitals, the Carrick Glen Hospital, residential properties at Woodlea, Glenparks Cottages and Glen Rosa; as well as the majority of land associated with the Ayr/Stranraer railway line. The site is to be developed in three distinct phases over a 20 year period;

  1. Corton
  2. Alton
  3. Cockhill/Glenparks

Development will commence in Corton and then progress to Alton followed by Cockhill/Glenparks. The Corton phase has four main components; a village centre, a business park, a village green around which community uses are to be grouped, and residential neighbourhoods. Residential development is significant with 747 housing units within the Corton phase.

The village centre is to be located adjacent to the junction of the Maybole Road with the A77 and set behind a landscape buffer. It will comprise a 60 room hotel including restaurant, retail development (a food store of 2000 sq. m. and a parade of 5 shops, each of 200 sq. m. in size), and a 2900 sq. m. building for leisure uses.

The ten hectare business park is to provide 15,000 sq. m. of floor space and is to be developed at the South-west extremity of the site, immediately adjacent to the A77 and its junction with Doonholm Road.

The village green is located to the Eastern portion of the site and bounded by the Ayr/Stranraer railway line to the North. It comprises a community pitch (100x64m) within a landscaped setting (of 118x76m). Next to the community pitch a new primary school is to be developed. It is to be constructed in phases on 4 hectares of land and will include nursery facilities and outdoor space. The Corton phase will also provide a medical centre.

Corton Countryside
South East Ayr
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