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scotland Flag at Rugby Match at Milbrae's Ayr Ground

Scotland Scenery - lake

Scotland Scenery - Ridge

Scotland Scenery - Ice

#ScotlandHour on Twitter

Fort Road Bridgr

ScotlandHour is a monthly hour of chat on Twitter. It is a marketing tool to promote tourism in Scotland. ScotlandHour is on the last Wednesday of each month from 9 to 10pm GMT.

Add the tag #ScotlandHour to each tweet. Photographs, links and other tags can be added such as #Ayrshire #Arran #SWScotland.

It can be used as a signposting service by adding a web address straight to the most relevant web page for more information or online booking facilities.

ScotlandHour is about promoting Scotland's tremendous assets and strengths with the use of social networking media. Using monthly themes, ScotlandHour makes targeted information accessible to visitors as well as providing an online networking opportunity for the participants.

Explore ScotlandScotlandHour offers a low-cost marketing opportunity to publish information, generate interest, interact with visitors, develop relationships etc.

Use ScotlandHour for working together to enhance the visitor experience and maximise their time in ways they prefer. Visitors often enjoy elements of different things within a single visit.

ScotlandHour makes it simple for the visitor to discover and learn about choices across Scotland.

Scotland Scenery - Loch
Scotland Scenery - Snow
Rescue Helicopter
Scotland Scenery - Mountain Peaks
Scotland Scenery - Valley
Isle of Skye
Dalwhinnie in Winter
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